Prayers to be Said at the Conclusion of Meditation

    Due to the merits of these virtuous actions,
    May I quickly attain the state of a guru buddha
    And lead all living beings, without exception,
    Into that enlightened state.

    May the supreme jewel bodhichitta
    That has not arisen, arise and grow;
    And may that which has arisen not diminish
    But increase more and more.

    May all the suffering and causes of suffering of all sentient beings ripen upon me right now, and may all sentient beings receive all my happiness and virtue.

    May I never be discouraged, even for a moment, from practicing the deeds of the bodhisattvas for the sake of others, by completely renouncing anything done for my own sake and by engaging in the holy actions of the kind founder, Guru Shakyamuni Buddha.

    Through these merits, may I quickly attain the state of the Great Compassionate One and, without exception, lead all mother sentient beings, who are most high and noble, to that enlightened state.

Long Life Prayers

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

In the land encircled by snow mountains,
You are the source of all happiness and good.
All-powerful Chenrezig, Tenzin Gyatso,
Please remain until samsara ends.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche

You who uphold the Subduer’s moral way, who serve as the bountiful bearer- of-all,
Sustaining, preserving, and spreading Manjunath’s victorious doctrine
Who masterfully accomplish magnificent prayers honoring the Three Jewels:
Savior of myself and others, your disciples, please, please live long!

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