Long Life Prayer for Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche
Prayer for the Long Life of
Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche
by Ven. Trijang Rinpoche


Vijaya-All-conquering Goddess, whose lunar-like face changes with our changing fates,
The faintest cooling ray of whose mantra-name allays the fiery pain of life's final end.
Rain-maker-adept who brings life's rain,
Here, now, grant your greatest gifts,
Victorious Goddess, grant life without end.

Hear our prayer O Lama whom we revere, you who bear our name
Of he who peerlessly holds the living essence of the pure,
Paradigmatic doctrine of the Conquerors,
Of he a lone adornment of the earth,
Of he a guide to sublime liberation – the sphere of space.

Precious treasure of precise and subtle reasoning,
Golden laser-light of bright, unerring wisdom
Clarifying without confusion the two truths amongst the mulitplicity of things;
Lama, remain immutably amongst us -- a radiant Dharma-sun.

Skilled in sprinkling the waters of healing, fulfilling needs, benefitting all,
A laughing smile revealing pearls of humility, skill and constancy,
A deep, milky sea of the liquit moon of morality;
Lama, remain immutably amongst us – one supremely worthy of veneration.

The moon of your Mahayana-mind ringed-round
By the fever-cooling camphor of your unsullied, unsurpassed resolve
Brilliantly swirls to the bounds of space
Unbounded seas of happiness of now and bliss of always;
Lama, remain immutably amongst us – a moon guiding our way.

Your teachings are vast spreading rivers of celestial nectars,
Your dialects invincible, cutting vajra-weapons,
Your writings thousand petalled lotuses unfolding their glory;
Lama, remain immutably amongst us – a guardian of highest knowledge.

By the might of seas of spiritual masters, deities and doctrine protectors,
By the power of profound dependent-arising
And the unvarying emptiness of all that appears,
May all the hopes of our prayers
With effortless ease, spontaneously be fulfilled.

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